Autumn Transitional Outfits

The last time I properly wrote anything on here was at the early beginnings of October when we were starting to head into the autumn transition, so you could consider the theme of this blog post to be a little late, but I’m going to do it anyway since it’s still an indecisive climate in this big old dying world.

So as I’m getting back into the swing of the blog life, uni life, adult life and all that good stuff, I’ve taken a very comfy and practical yet fun approach to my wardrobe lately. I’ve also gotten into a phase of updating and adding to my wardrobe (which I’ll admit here isn’t fully sustainable as a lot of these pieces were bought from the usual online retailers, BUT these are investment pieces that I’ve debated on or a while, and as usual I know that these items will be in my wardrobe for a very very very long time). Disclaimer out there, lets get on with the pieces.

Bright colours aren’t just for Spring you know?

Coat: vintage. Shirt, skirt and bag: Topshop. Trainers: Adidas.

Now some of you may consider this to be quite a ‘summery’ looking colour combination, but when we head into the more darker months, it’s nice to contrast the dull grey atmosphere with a bright and fun outfit. The colour combination of pink and blue is super complimentary and can work on any skin tone, without being so colourful that you look like a rainbow (not that it’s a bad thing!).

As for the warmth of this outfit, you can still get away with wearing the items from your warmer weather wardrobe if you layer it well. Yes, the satin shirt doesn’t provide much protect from a chilly breeze, but if you’re going to shot a coat on anyway on a drizzly day then you might as well make the under layers look a bit more eye-catching. As for the skirt, it’s midi length already covers a bit more surface area anyway, but it’s thick corduroy material is an added bonus for adding both warmth and texture to an outfit.

Remember that an outfit is built up in layers and once you put your coat on, that isn’t the outfit done with in a two dimensional form. If you’re going to a party, it’s highly doubtful that you’ll keep your coat on indoors. Why not put on a shirt with a bit more volume or detail on the sleeve? Then once you take your coat off, you’ve still got an added bit of surprise to what would be presumed as a bog standard shirt.

Rainy day monochrome

Coat, bag and boots: Nastygal. Jumper: Topshop. Skirt: Primark.

Now this general look could have worked more practically with the added use of an umbrella and some tights, but I don’t own an umbrella nor do I enjoy wearing tights most of the time, so don’t listen to me on that one. However, an ABSOLUTE necessity for this time of the year is some form of a waterproof coat.

Maybe it doesn’t have to be a traditional waterproof jacket, but something a bit more exciting that has a fun shape or print is so handy for when you don’t want your coat to ruin your outfit. My Doctor Who coat (as I like to refer to it as) is my most treasured item right now due to it’s practicality but also its unique combination of print on pvc material is something that I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on.

Mixing textures is another overseen technique in vamping up an outfit in these colder months. Now this outfit might just be a jumper and skirt pairing which I’ve just shot my coat on top of, but if you look closer you can see its actually a mixture of pvc, wool knit, denim, faux leather, faux croc, and denim. Each piece stands out in it’s own way whilst still working as a cohesive look, and that’s exactly the type of thing that really makes an outfit look stylish and well orchestrated.

Now doing a complete 180 turn on the first look I’ve shown, this one takes a bit more of a toned down, neutral take on an autumnal outfit. Although each of these pieces all fall under the same colour family of browns and beiges, the variation between shades between each piece makes the outfit look eye-catching from every angle instead of just looking like one big blur. This is a good way to look at monochromatic styling, in that combining different shades of the same colour into one look can section off the body whilst still working well together.

1970’s but make it Autumn 2019

Shirt, coat and belt: vintage. Jeans, bag and boots: Topshop.

Obviously boots are a staple for the autumn period, theres nothing new there. Yet your outfit is from head to toe and so it’s great to draw attention to different items on your body that you may often forget about or not really consider to be the focal point of an outfit. If you’re looking to buy a new pair of boots for the season ahead, try to avoid ones that don’t have a statement feature about them, e.g. a unique material, a bright colour, a fun heel, something like that.

This is a key investment piece for those days where you want to just shot on a jumper and a pair of jeans, but you know that something is just missing from your outfit. Deciding on a pair of statement boots means that your feet will still be warm whilst also being the key element of your outfit, and that way you don’t have to faff on with any ‘nice’ top with three cards on top plus your coat because you didn’t feel dressy enough.

If you’ve got an item in your wardrobe that you wore for the entirety of summer and you hate to leave in your wardrobe for another 6 months, well then you don’t have to! Any kind of special items like lace shirts, satin dresses, or frilly skirts can easily be worn in this time of the year, if you combine them with the right adjustments. Take this lace shirt, if I wanted to I could add a white turtleneck underneath for some added warmth, or I could even opt for a black one in order to enhance the white contrast of the lace. This way, it’s still adding a bit of depth to my outfit in general, but I won’t be freezing all day.

So, I hoped you enjoyed reading some of these autumn styling ideas that I’ve shared today. I think it’s hard to adjust to a dramatic change in the weather when you haven’t worn any wintery types of clothes in almost a year, so it’s nice to get a bit of advice or encouragement along the way. I’m off to London on Monday for a few days with my uni course, so expect to see some an exciting blog post on some more dramatic outfits next Saturday!

thanks again,

Sophie x

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