Coats you can experiment with without being too bold

A dear friend of mine was asking for some recommendations of different coats that are out at the minute that aren’t too daring for the average person. So, after doing some late night browsing for her, I found a great selection of pieces on Topshop in particular. Although it can sometimes be a bit pricey, the site has recently been having some frequent offers on, as well as student discount that qualifies for anything (including sale items). So due to this, I thought I’d share some of the great finds on Topshop right now.

Rust Corduroy Shacket

Kicking things off we have a great alternative for those of you who love a denim jacket. A shacket is the best type of structured, slightly more ‘business’ style jacket without being too dressy or too suffocating. The boxy shape and large front pocket give off a utility vibe without looking like you’ve came straight of the army, and this rust colour is a brilliant shade for this transitional period. At £39, you can’t really go wrong with this.

PU Biker Jacket

Ah yes, a classic biker jacket without the intimidating jet black tone. Leather or PU jackets are great for a more waterproof alternative to a standard jacket, yet this off white colour is a lot easier to wear with any wardrobe and style. The cut of the garment and the hardware featured makes this £49 jacket a complete bargain that looks a lot more expensive than what you could get it for.

Chicago Brown Belted Vinyl Coat

Now for the expected hit jacket of the season, we have this stunning New York style vinyl coat. This baby will make you look like an out of office fashion editor, off to fetch the morning coffee in the drizzly September weather. Yes that’s a bit more romantic than a pouring down, Monday morning walk to your lecture, but it can be easy to imagine that you’re somewhere else in this coat (and you’d much rather be paying £59 for this coat and getting semi close to that dream than maxing out your overdraft for an underwhelming flight to NYC).

Apricot Shacket With Wool

Here she is, the one for all. This Apricot beauty is a real life sweet dream in coat formation. Again, a beloved shacket, this wool blend coat is definitely a good investment piece for the colder weeks approaching. Sometimes the only thing that can brighten a miserable rainy day is a soft pink coat, so here is your solution at £59. (This piece also comes in a teal shade too, but that will be featured on an upcoming blog post this week, so stay tuned).

Black Double Breasted Blazer

Seems a bit simple, but a black structured blazer is definitely a must have for any wardrobe. Although many of you may already have a standard blazer in your clothing collection that you whack out at every formal event, this type of blazer can make your usual ‘jeans and a t-shirt’ combo turn into a much more out together look, without looking too overdressed. This particular one is £49 and the rectangular shape with minimal crossover means that it would look perfect when worn unbuttoned.

Slouch Coat

This honey yellow dress coat that simply speaks for itself. If the pink coat previously mentioned isn’t suited to your particular colour palette, I’m sure that this can work it’s way into your wardrobe. The cut is stunning, the huge pockets are exactly what us girls need, and at £65 this is the best investment piece for many winters to come.

Ecru Faux Leather Tie Shacket

Last but certainly not least, we have super chic looking faux leather number. Yes, it’s another shacket, but this style of coat in this creamy white shade is perfectly mouldable to whatever colour palette or style you have. The tie belt offers the ability to give more shape to your look, or wear it without the belt for a more boyish feel. The faux leather means it’s both waterproof and easy to clean, so this could be all that you need to survive the dreaded winter to come. This baby is priced at £49, so it’s definitely an affordable and timeless piece that will stand the test of time for years to come.

This concludes my broadcast of some of the beaut new coats in Topshop this season. Obviously some of these may be a bit pricey at this moment in time, but Topshop has recently had some frequent offers on throughout their whole collections, plus if you get student discount then that can be added on top of any reduced items! I hope you’ve all found at least one style that you fancy, and I hope to see you again on Monday for the start of my Freshers week of blog posts!

Thanks again,

Sophie x

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