The honeymoon of pastels and neutrals

Ah yes, it’s that time of the year again where were in a state of utter confusion every morning when it comes to getting dressed, thanks to the beloved, unpredictable British weather. We know summer is coming to an end and the shorts are exceeding their annual time out in the open, yet the idea of even debating a long sleeved t-shirt in twenty degree heat is unbearable. Of course, a break once a year is nice, but like the end of a summer holiday, you end up missing the mundane everyday life. In fashion terms, us brits do enjoy to wrap up in layers upon layers of darker, earthy tones (I bet that you’ve just got a hint of excitement thinking about your favourite brown jumper).

So back to my point, as a nation we’re struggling to mentally get dressed in the morning. You just want to reach for a gorgeous burnt orange knit that you’ve been reminiscing of, yet the hot girl summer clothes all over your floor are screaming at you for being unrealistic. So where’s the happy medium? How can you satisfy yourself yet also go the day without becoming one big sweat patch? It’s simple, make the opposites attract.

Now this might not come as such a shocking statement to many of you, especially if you don’t consider your wardrobe to be sectioned into seasons, yet the idea of mixing colour palettes may tickle your brain a little bit. Let me explain: we’re so use to seeing colour palettes and restricted, compulsory mixtures that work well together and together alone. It’s understandable yes, beiges and browns work well with black and white, complimentary colours do as they say on the tin, but what if we were to push those boundaries and intertwine these different themes?

Take any pinks in your wardrobe and see how they’d work with a tan skirt. Suddenly strawberries and chocolate have been translated into your outfit and the pairing is just as satisfying as it would taste if we were talking about real strawberries in chocolate. What about mint green and dark brown? Well, you’ve now got your mint chocolate chip combo that is super chic and wearable for any occasion. I’m not quite sure why this turned into a dessert blog post, but if you’re a bit peckish after trying out these combinations then you’ve also got some snack ideas.

Example images via Pinterest

This mid-season is the perfect time to experiment with that colour combinations you can play around with. A baby pink satin dress with a brown knit jumper on top can really change up the whole mood of the outfit, and if it gets too hot you can easily tie the jumper around your shoulders or your waist, or even carry it for that ultra careless look.

Here was a quick tip for putting an outfit together in this transitional period. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I hope to see you again soon!

Thanks again,

Sophie x

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