A week in outfits: holiday edition

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing fab in this mid August. I’ve been inactive on my blog for the past two weeks now mainly due to a lot of personal issues and the dire need for a break from life in general, and so I decided to take a last minute holiday for a few days during this week.

For the 4 days of just caring about sunburn and sangria, I captured a few outfits from day and night that I thought you might enjoy looking through for some holiday blues or even some holiday excitement!

Night 1:

So as most people would do once they first get to their accommodation on holiday, we had a brief unpacking session that quickly turned into a ‘shot on a bikini and get in the pool’ type of scenario. After a good few hours of pool time and a well needed midday nap, we decided to head out on the night for some good food and more drinks.

I went pretty comfortable and casual with a white ribbed halter neck top paired with a floral midi skirt I bought last year, finished with an old topshop handbag, the classic Stan smiths, and some gold details to completely the look.

Night 2:

After we were a bit more caught up on sleep and sunshine (and a bit too much sunburn), we headed out to an American restaurant on the night to grab a bite to eat.

I could definitely feel the heat by this point and so I went for a little white crop top and denim skirt combo. The top is one that I’ve had for many years (originally from Urban Outfitters) and that I especially cherish in the summertime. The mint green denim skirt is a recent purchase from Missguided that is surprisingly good quality and I know will last me many years to come. To finish it off I wore some strapless heeled sandals from Topshop last year and a matching faux snakeskin handbag, also from Topshop.

Night 3:

As for our last night, we decided to venture into Santa Pola for a late evening beach trip. There was some good food had and many a mile walked due to our inability to find a taxi, yet once we finally found our way home we ended it with a few drinks at the same bar we had been to the night prior.

I found this to be a perfect opportunity to bring out the Shrimps X Warehouse sea print dress that I’d invested at the start of the year, as it seemed fitting to finally be worn by the beach. I paired this with a pair of purple heels that I purchased from Primark a while ago that are surprisingly very comfy to walk in, as well as bringing my beloved circle handle handbag that I’ve had for a few years now.

So that’s it for my holiday outfits and for the holiday spam in general. It was definitely a well needed break (even if we did book it 4 days in advance) and now I’ve got a much clearer mindset for moving to uni in 4 weeks time. Anyway, hope you enjoyed browsing through this blog post and if you have any suggestions for future posts then do let me know!

Thanks again,

Sophie x

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